Tuna de Medicina de Pamplona

Medical Students at the University of Navarra

Composed by medical students, the “Tuna of Medicina of the University of Navarre” mixes youth and joy with the beauty of the spanish oldest tradition.

As students and musicians, we combine our studies with a deep participation in the cultural life of our city, Pamplona


Who are we?

Students and musicians


The “Tuna of Medicine of Pamplona”

is composed by outstanding students 

who play traditional spanish and

iberoamerican music with a wide

variety of instruments



Young and funny

We are all students,

we enjoy singing, playing, 

dancing and spreading joy and fun wherever we go!!


What do we do?

Along the year, we bring our music and joy through all kind of celebrations, such as weddings, anniversaires and any kind of cultural events.

Wherever we go, our youth, joy and sense of humor are our identity signals


Where do we go?

Every year, we pick our guitars and take the the first plane we find to and exotic city in Europe. Along the last years, we have traveled to Paris, Berlin, Milano, Zagreb, Prague, Viena, Cadreíta, Hong Kong, Stockholm…

We take advantage os these trips in order to finance our books of “anatomy” and “biochemistry”  by bringing our music to restaurantshotels, and friends we make during the journey.



Spreading our tradition all over the world

There is nothing we enjoy more than sharing our music and joy. That’s why we travel to other countries to meet fascinating people; play, sing and dance in the most amazing corners and enjoy new experiences trough the music and sense of humor.


This is the Tuna and how we live it!


International Farmacologic Microencapsulation Congress

Having fun with our friends in Nize, France